Hello everyone-

It’s late tonight on the west coast but this blogging thing has made me curious enough to spend this time to discover the world of blogging.  My main focus is to blog about me and women like me who are short or petite in stature- hmmm, I think there are lots of things to blog about with this topic but let’s stick with the important stuff, it’s the glue that binds all petite woman across distant lands together- fashion!  Or in our case, lack of it. 

I guess I will start with letting you know a little about myself.  I am petite in size- not bone skinny by any means but I think I am pretty average.  I am a mother of two girls so I have the belly pudge too- I couldn’t breast feed enough to make it go away.  I heard from a friend that possums are the only marsupials we have here in the US;  whether this is true or not, I think that thousands of years ago, human mothers may have branched from the marsupial family.  I could slice my belly up from hip to hip and hold a few baby possums in there.  I am not quite 5.2″ and weigh about 113 lbs.  Since having kids my waist has moved up an inch or two and has gained about three inches in girth.  The trade off is obvious but being a mother and getting older each year I find less and less clothes that appeals to me.  I always have had the desire to find clothes that I didn’t have to alter or make compromises in fit for sake of fashion.  Being petite in size this is a difficult goal to accomplish.   I wear a size 2 or 4 in petites depending on the brand or look I want to portray.  Buying a regular size small may fit around the torso but the length for a blouse or dress is commonly too long overall.  I don’t even bother spending my time buying regular size pants even if they could get hemmed.  The crouch and thigh area are completely out of proportion.  I think I am a bit picky but I won’t settle to look frumpy.  This only makes me look even shorter or just not quite put together.   And the analogy to the possum thing earlier is to point out the the junior department just doesn’t work either.  I find that the waist size seems to be for those young girls that still can enjoy a 24″ waist, their pre-motherpausal stage.

So holding a few jobs after college, I felt that I had spent enough time learning in the corporate world to call it my personal master’s program in business.  I decided to venture on my own to start my own clothing line for petite women exclusively.  It’s very close to launching.  The debut line is limited and exclusive due to the number of units that I am initially producing here in Los Angeles.  But I am not going to show you them on this blog.  That will be kept a secret until we officially launch the site.  What I think I will do though is give you a preview of what’s to come for Fall 2008 and let you see least some of the items that I am testing in terms of fabrics, style, fit, etc.  So you will actually get a first hand experience of a designer in action as I work through the collections.  At least this is how I feel for now but it’s late- going on midnight and I may change my mind tomorrow.  And I am allowed because this is my blog, my first blog everrrrrr.