I am thinking about next year’s collection and trying to see what theme I am going to go with.  I find a few things to be of inspiration to me right now.  One that I find the most satisfying and easy for my mind and emotion to agree upon is the idea of vacation or holiday.   I can easily envision myself on a sandy beach with the calm sea in front of me and a colorful street fair or flee market behind me.   I don’t do much traveling myself so I find that I daydream of other far off places and live vicariously through other people who have the opportunity to travel the world. Nonetheless, having a few inspiring pieces from a recent trip to lets say Cancun for example can easy lift my spirits, lighten my stride, and inspire the Magellan in me and us all.  I stopped in my tracks when I saw the colorful hues of this fabric and felt compelled to play with it.  It was actually sold to me in small panels like big handkerchiefs.  I love the colors and enjoy the energy that different colors exude when they compete and complement each other at the same time.  The necklace is difficult to see in the image but it is a cross pendent with violet crystals.   The waist tie and shoulder straps are braided.   The pleat gatherings that you see are unsecured and move around a bit giving off a carefree attitude.  All I need now is a margarita on the rocks to finish off the mood.