I love getting dressed up on all levels and for any occasion or no occasion is fine too (which is usually the case).  I having been observing my five year old Natalie as she finds her own confidence in getting herself dressed now instead of me having to suggest or impose upon her, her daily attire.  Natalie has her own outfits for the mood or event that she is creating at that specific moment.  For example, if she is having a dance party with her sister, she makes sure that her clothes are appropriate for the occasion.  She would run into her bedroom and put on the skirt or dress that will yield the most spinnage and twirliness.  The  transformation is magical and her clothes are an important aspect of her physical and emotional being.  

I think back at the way I find myself dressing and I think that just like my little one, I don’t want to feel as old as I am.  I want to live in the moment, and be aware of my “beingness” at that moment, and allow the clothes on my body to help reflect who I am.  I want to feel like my little girl who doesn’t really care if the clothes match or not, but rather how it works with her feelings and helps create a new reality for her.  

On the reciprical nature, it also has the power to bring me in a better mood if I am feeling less than happy, so that when I get a glimpse of myself at that particular moment in time, I can feel confident knowing that I look the way I want to feel, so then I throw my shoulders back and put a smile on my face and get myself back in the happy zone.  🙂

My girls and I enjoy singing “Just Fine” by Mary J Blige… “so I like what I see when I am looking at me when I’m walking past a mirror…”

So in a long winded way, what I am writing about is that even though I am petite in stature, there shouldn’t be any reason that I can’t look as good as my non-petite amies.  Yes, it is definitely a challenge to find clothes that can achieve this desire to look presentable and fashionable.  Petite women have to search harder for clothes to fit them, take more time out and spend more money on alterations, yadda, yadda, yadda.  But I won’t give in to looking blah.  It’s just no fun.  I want the tall girls to say, “Excuse me, where did you get that dress?”  And quite politely but with some joy of sweet revenge claimed on past envy, I would say, “Oh, this dress?  Isn’t it cute?  This is from Balzac?…Hmmm, How tall are you?”  All the while thinking: too bad, so sad.