The official website www. is coming along nicely.  I must say that having been in the internet/ e-commerce world for part of my employed life, I have always found an appreciation for smart people like my webmaster, Paul Davies, and the people who support him.   It takes a lot of talent and brains and godly patience to build a well navigated site, a site that can have both function and aesthetics.  So I hope that you will love the site as much as I do.  

So get ready my petite friends because I am now on a crusade to bring awareness and help drive demand for better petite clothes.   Our petite lifestyle has included a lot of preplanning by default.   The clothes off the rack are rarely ready to wear because we have to factor in alteration time.  For example, I was in Ted Baker on Wednesday to purchase a pair of jeans.  The jeans were 175.00 and on sale for about 125.00.  Of course I had to have them altered which costs 25.00 additional, and I am still waiting for them from the tailors.  It’s been five full days and the day is passing and I can’t possibly drive the 25 miles each way on a whim to pick up my pants since I have to plan for things like kids, meals, work, the gym, and my small group.  So how does one account for the time it takes to wait for the pants as well as the money spent on tailoring and the double driving from point of purchase to actually receiving the merchandise????  Oh and now the gas money that it cost me.  Cost of gas was a minor issue when it was cheap but with my car, 50 miles of driving to pick up my pants costs about 10.00.  I will need to ask my accountant because from a mother’s clock time, it costs a lot, more than the original price of the pants.  

I was lucky to find a pair that I like because in most cases, I can go shopping with a load of cash in my wallet and walk out empty handed.  Could I have settled for something that is cute on a taller person but a bit baggy in the wrong areas for me?  Of course.  Or could I have picked out something from the petite department? Yes, but satisfied, not likely.  To me, it would have been money wasted.  Moreover, I want my clothes to last beyond a season, I like getting mileage out of my clothes.  I spend more on my clothes and buy them when I can instead of waiting for the sales because petite women generally don’t have this luck- I am talking about regular sizes within the contemporary department stores and boutiques.  Except for a couple of larger manufacturers who I enjoy wearing their petite clothes, I don’t want my entire wardrobe to consist of two or three lines.  I want variety and uniqueness and not feel that I am part of the masses out there;  there’s already enough of sameness in the restaurant choices that I live in where every corner is a chain or franchise.  

So to celebrate the launch, I am hosting a launch party and trunk show.  It will give women, petite or not to touch, wear, and inquire about the clothes and the company.  I think that opening the company up for friends and family alike will hopefully let them give me feedback and as well help me market the company.   I do want the exposure but for a few more reasons that I will discuss in the near future.  For now, the reason starts with my desire to have a company that allows a petite women to buy and wear right now, right away, not five days from now and would cost her an extra $35.00 plus the invaluable price of time.   I know that I am having a Jerry Maguire moment…  So.. who’s with me on this?