I used to remember growing up, just feeling completely without support and love.  My mother passed away when I barely turned six years old, so getting a warm hug or tender kiss was not something that I experienced growing up after the age of six.  I have to say that receiving love and support in my life now is not lacking in any way.  I am so thankful for my friends and family for the support and encouragement that they have given me.  Recent new friends that I have been blessed to meet like Sheryl, Julia, and Lisa are a few on earth that I can honestly say with my heart are true angels. 

My husband has been amazing and his business approach is invaluable.  He seems to set aside the emotions and helps me focus.   Another angel.

My sisters are so different from one another but the one thing that we did growing up in our home was to take care of each other and give each other the love that was lacking from our parents, at least from my perspective.  As dysfunctional as our parents were, we managed to cook for one another and look out for each other.  I wouldn’t trade in my sisters for a new set even if give the opportunity.  I donned my second daughter’s middle name after one sister,Katie, and interestingly enough, she looks just like Katie as a little girl.  But the reason to naming her after Katie speaks more than words that I can put down on this blog. 

My friends that were at the launch party were all angels in my small house in Orange County.  Many of them that came weren’t petite but they were there for me, friends from book club and business groups.  Two of my friends Patti and Kim whose lives are just as busy with work and family made the time to offer their support and advice, and have been angels from the day that we became friends.  

In a world that can be mean and ugly, there is also a stronger force that I have chosen to surround myself with as we all can.  There are angels here on earth and they are truly superhuman.  Their love and support that surrounds me has kept all the demons in disguise away from truly hurting me.  Down any path, there lies road blocks and boulders that may get in the way but as long as there’s angels around, I know that I will make it along the path safely.  I thank you for everything.