So it’s been kind of strange seeing myself on the commercials.  Tomorrow, Friday Aug. 29th will be the day that I will appear on the new reality show called Who Are You Wearing? from TLC.  I think its been pretty exciting for my two girls who are also on the commercial along with my husband sporting a Celtics cap and making a fluffer nutter sandwich on cable TV.    You can read the details of the interview on  

I mentioned to Cynthia (who has a great petite blog as well called Shorty Stories that this year has been a year of experiences and experiments.  I think the beauty of being on your own and going after your dreams is that you can try new things and conduct life experiments at your own cost (and not worry whether you’re going to get fired or not).  Having people to support me on my journeys has made the experiments a lot less discomforting.  Getting out of one’s comfort zone is quite discomforting for many people right?  Isn’t that why they call it a “zone”,  a nice protected invisible space that’s as comforting as your mother’s bosoms when you were a wee bit of a bugger?  But eventually we have to stop sucking our thumbs and do some growing up I suppose.

So I told myself at the beginning of the year that I have to try and do something new at least weekly.  I want to do it daily but I forget or get distracted and don’t want to be too demanding on myself.  

So reflecting on this past week as I dissolve this comfort zone bubble of mine…

I took a turbo kick boxing class for the first time.  I’m a bit clumsy and uncoordinated when it comes to these things.  I’m a regular at my gym.  I like my routine of wieghts and then hitting the bike or treadmill, nothing unexpected.  So getting out of my comfort zone and breaking into this 9:15am Saturday class of regular TKB enthusiasts was a bit intimidating.  So no broken ankles and just a bit sore the next day which actually felt kind of good.

On Wednesday I was in downtown LA visiting my contractors.  I decided to make small talk to a stranger on the elevator whose replies were directed at his shoes actually, and I think he couldn’t run away fast enough after we got to ground floor.  Oh, and that same Wednesday, I brought some Vietnamese eggrolls to the parking guy who is always curious of my look and wonders where I come from (hopefully not space).  So I think that he experienced something new that day too.

I think tomorrow as I watch myself on cable TV, that will be an experience.  Perhaps a bit embarrassing since I don’t know what will be edited and presented to the reality TV junkies of the world.  But I feel that I can’t grow spiritually without taking these risks and putting myself out there for other opportunities to come forth from it.  So I’ve resolved myself to having fun while doing it.  Fun, now that’s comforting.