I loved reading all the comments on serafina for the Candy Pants Giveaway.  The stories behind the women and their issues with the availability of petite clothes made it worthwhile for me to happily giveaway the Candy Pants.  And in this Giveaway, serafina contacted me and said that it was too difficult to make one decision- so two pairs got shipped out yesterday.  Courtney from Antioch, CA and Kim from Alberta Canada were the lucky winners!   Congratulations!  You can log on to http://www.serafinablog.com to see the all the comments.   

One common thread that I saw in the comments was how different the pants are.    Being different and standing out among the crowd has always been inherent to me and my tastes and I hope to follow this through in the design of the petite label.   The Candy Pants was one that I felt I wanted to push the envelope a bit and do something that your not going to find in your basic petite section of the department store.  

Providing a petite clothing line that’s trendsetting and unique is at the forefront of the design process.  So taking risks and venturing out a bit is going to be part of the deal.   I see a lot sites providing tips on the do’s and don’ts of dressing a petite body.   But quite frankly, I’ve always carried the philosophy that if you understand your body and keep in mind tasteful decisions, a petite woman shouldn’t feel restricted with all the guidelines- if it makes you feel good and sexy and alive, than wear it with confidence and style.   Perhaps it’s a puritanical mind set that has been with us for a handful of centuries that has gotten our underpants in a wad that we’ve nearly lost our creativity in dressing ourselves.   

With that being said however, I do realize that it is hard to find styles that match a woman’s tastes especially if she is the type to venture out and try new fashion trends before they reach the masses.   So does it come in petite sizing?  Most likely not.