Balzac Clothing, a petite clothing brand for women has just acquired the new label name Nhulie and will be branding it’s petite clothing line under this new label.   “It’s a move in the right direction as the demand for petite woman’s clothing is getting more attention and exposure, as rightly deserved.” said founder of Balzac Clothing LLC, Lynn Colclough.    

Nhulie will continue to fall under the management team of Balzac Clothing and future designs and output will be under the label Nhulie.   Nhulie designs and fashions will continue catering to the petite women, 5’4″ and shorter.   Balzac Clothing’s website will under go minor construction to transition itself under the new brand Nhulie.  
We are going to take advantage of this slow economic period to regroup ourselves while the times aren’t as pressing.   Our style will still stay sexy, girly, and a bit vintage.  We will continue only offering our line on the internet via the company’s website. will slowly transition over to  Anyone typing in the will be redirected to   We are definitely excited for the new branding opportunities that will come of this and look forward to continuing to produce unique and fun styles for the petite woman.