Line Dress

Linen Dress

My brother got married a few months ago.   I decided to make a dress this time- an original Nhulie for Balzac dress, instead of trying desperately to find a petite dress. If you are petite, you will know how frustrating it is to go shopping and not able to find anything that is glamorous or sexy or age appropriate for your unique occasion.  It’s hard to find something that isn’t black or white, let alone finding a long floor length dress in petites is very rare.  And if I do find a short dress in the standard sizing, the hem usually goes past my knees and I end up looking frumpy or not as sexy and stylish as I could be.  I can’t say that I have a favorite designer that has dresses in petite sizing but maybe it’ll just be Nhulie that becomes my favorite.  On a side note, I enjoy seeing Diane Von Furstenberg in public because she’s usually in her own designs, an obvious sign that her heart is in her own style.  I have a short navy blue dress of hers that I bought.   Surprisingly it fit except for the length of the  V-neck dipped down too low and the hem was a bit long- a common problem for petite women.  But I loved it enough on me to spend the 395.00.

Anyway, I love working with linen.  I have a roll of pink and orange gingham linen that I picked up from LA that I have been wanting to spend some time working with.  I think it would look fabulous in the more colorful palette.  But for this dress I used a beige linen, medium weight to make my dress for my brother’s wedding- didn’t want to stand out too much.   So I whipped up this dress to glamour myself up a bit.  It’s hard to tell on the dress form how nice and dressy it comes once on your own body.  The mini bustling at the hem provided a nice sway and kick when I walk.  The linen draped beautifully.  The waistline was dropped a bit down to the hips and it zipped up along the side.   I received tons of compliments on it, the day of the wedding but surely didn’t take away from the bride’s special day in her beautiful wedding dress.  

Have a balzie day!