Nhulie and Balzac stuff doesn’t go on sale too often. Usually the sales are private and only those on our mailing list is notified of the sale. This is the first annual sale that we are having and we are making it known to the masses.  Yeah!!
Some of the collection mostly the menswear inspired items are still in production process and not ready for shipping but it’s not on sale anyway.

The stuff that I really love though has just been discounted at almost 50% off!  I am constantly getting raves from the girls about how much they love the vintage collection.  So take advantage of the sale. Most of these items are just about below the cost it takes me to make the clothing so it’s a steal.  The fabric designs are vintage reproductions and it will be a nice addition to your closet for many years.  It’s just one of those vintage pieces that you’ll never get tired of bragging about.

Everything we make is manufactured in Los Angeles. The quality and details for the clothing is excellent and can bump along side some of my other favorite designers out there.

Being a Nhulie girl means being unique and individualistic and not looking like everyone else out there.  Allow your clothing to express the beautiful person that God created you to be.  Be true to who you are and don’t give in to public opinion.  Conformity only justifies another person’s misery so don’t let it be yours too.  It doesn’t do your mind and body any good.

Enough said.  I have two girls to spend some time with before school starts again.  Boo!