Apepazza Lecce Tall BootI don’t know of one girl who doesn’t adore a great pair of boots.  For us petite girls though, it can be a little tricky, especially if your not the ultra skinny petite girl who can pull off belting a rice sack and still look fabulous.  So for the rest of us, how do you pull off a boot worn well and not look stocky?  We can’t spare to give up any of our God given height,  so how can you pull on your leather ass kickers with confidence?

One thing to keep in mind, when tucking your pants in your boots, try picking out bottoms that isn’t going to slouch or gather at the top of your boots.  Jeans will tend to do this.  The look will make you look sloppy and short.  So try to avoid them if you can by choosing leggings or tight fitting bottoms.   This will keep things sleek and create clean lines for a taller, slimmer appearance.  BCBGMaxAzria carries some great heavier weight synthetic leggings, like their Mason Leggings, that are more pant like than tights. Investing in a good quality pair of leggings will avoid the question of  whether or not you borrowed them from your teenage daughter.

When in dresses, think short, really short as an inch or two above the knee and even go higher if your comfortable.  On the opposite end of things, you can go long, maxi long, so that the look creates a longer appearance.  Nhulie’s Vintage Joanny Long Dress is meant to be worn long and grazing the floor.  This dress looks great with boots in the spring when the weather is sunny yet still crisp and cool.  Picking a boot with a heel will give you some hidden height under the Vintage Joanny Long Dress.  Most other lengths of dresses or skirts will create one too many horizontal lines across our bodies that tend to make us look shorter than we want to be when it’s paired with a boot, and we don’t need that do we now?

With all of the lengths of boots available this season, the length of boot can be a bit tricky.  I would probably best avoid the ones that hit your mid calf.  Unless you have arms for legs, your mid calves are going to the be the widest part of your leg below the knee.  So keep the eye candy to the short ankle boots or again, go the opposite direction and take it to the knees.  Tip though with the ankle boot, if your going to dress this up with a skirt or short dress, try to keep the leggings or tights the same color.  This is where the one color thing will keep you looking sleek and slim.

With all the other embellishments that can be found on boots, have fun with them.  Just put confidence into your stride and you’ll be admired by many.Vintage Joanny Dress